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We are currently running PosterShop 4.2 to a Pro 600e. When we first started printing (June '98) our output matched our CLC copies ripped through a ColorBus rip very closely. In a period of about 2 months we began to get a distinct magenta tint to all bitmaps printed to the 600e. I reloaded PosterShop and it started printing normally again. In December we started getting the magenta back. I reloaded PosterShop but we are still getting a very distinct magenta cast to all bitmaps. It can be adjusted out but that is not a very logical solution.

Any suggestions?

Pete Clark

-- Anonymous, January 12, 1999


I'll have to assume that you are using the media profiles supplied with postershop and that you have done some magenta print head changes during this time. if this is so: Thermal ink jet heads change with age and will show a big color change as they age, in the case of the magenta the ink tends to make the holes in cartridge larger; causing images to look more magenta. if you are using postershop profilies you will have to adjust them. The best way to combat this is to invest in the equipment to make your own profiles. I have printed with theraml ink jet printers and they are not color stable over time. I also have alot of color management experience if you need some help getting started let me know, this stuff can really help tame these beasts

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999

I think I have answered my own question. Some of the problem was the result of slightly overused magenta cartridge (10% of the problem). But the majority of the problem was caused by the rip not assigning any profile to a cmyk jpeg or tiff image. If I open a new file which is a cmyk jpeg or tiff, then go to check profiles, nothing is checked. If I check input profile, everything is jake. An rgb image when opened automatically checks the input profile box.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 1999

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