I need help on DV editing solutions!!!

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Just bought Panasonic NV-DX100 (AG-EZ30) miniDV camera! I have a PC and I would like to buy a firewire DV capture card. I have a good offer on Miro DV300.

Does anybody have any experience with this camera/card combination? Are there any incompatibilities?

Unfortunately my camera is european model and has disabled DV input (I have read about some "widgets" that can solve this problem but they are way too expensive) - and DV300 has no analogue output! Because of that I'll be forced to transfer edited material to some other computer connected to BetacamSP tape machine - what is the best (and easiest) way to do that?

I have some friends with Miro DC30 cards, Adobe Premiere and tape machines - what about compatibility with DV300?

I'm also planning to use Adobe Premiere for editing. Is there any other software capable of capturing (and maybe editing) DV clips that is not card specific - ie that can be used with any firewire 1394 I/O card?

Do you know any good firewire card with analogue output that is not too expensive (cheaper than buying both DV300 and DC30 cards).


Aleksandar Kujucev


-- Aleksandar kujucev (akujucev@geocities.com), January 13, 1999


Alek I am a beginner dv filmmaker and my model is the PVDV900...which I purchased on amazon.com....there I also saw a firewire for $48.00...This might be of some help to you

-- Michelle Muhammad (shelley20@hotmail.com), April 04, 2000.

Get for Ulead Media studio 6 or 6.5. premier crach seriousely often.

-- Per O Christiansen (perchri@online.no), October 07, 2002.

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