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High Quality Food Storage with 3-5 week shipping! [Click here - Perma Pak Food Storage Solutions]

-- Sven (, January 14, 1999


If Sven still has food available there could only be two reasons: (1) The food is lousy, or (2) No big rush is on to store up food. Now someone is telling a big fib somewhere. All these stories that people are hoarding, stock piling, and deliveries of packaged food are back logged 6-8 months! Lie, lies, lies! Just another gimmick to psyche you out.

-- Not So Dumb (, January 14, 1999.

Well, not-so-dumb. Perhaps you're wrong about your name. We have Perma-Pak food and it's excellent. We also just got our Walton Feed order last week. We ordered it in August. So what we've got here is maybe there is a rush on food - but a few vendors aren't too backlogged. - yet.


-- Jollyprez (, January 15, 1999.

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