SpeedRazor/DV Master Pro - opinions?

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Anyone used this combo?

I have a Panasonic AJ-200 NTSC (beautiful low-light images, by the way) and am shooting a doc 16:9 in Berlin.

My biggest fear is Panasonic DVC Pro format - DV Master website does not specifically state that is is compatible and no answer yet to my inquiry.

-- (bretherton@usa.net), January 14, 1999


I'd call FAST and get a definate answer from them. I'm not sure how the Firewire control would work with the DVCPro camera/decks. Have you considered the Digisuite LE/SR bundle? It's not much more expensive than the DV Master Pro bundle, has much better support from Matrox and In-Sync, runs the most recent version of SR (4.5... SR DV is two significant versions behind still), and has real-time editing capabilities.

Moving out of Native DV has some benefits to boot. While (virtually) lossless 1.2:1 compression may take more file space than the native DV, unlike DV you can batch capture in low resolution mode for hours and hours of footage to make your edit decisions and then recapture only the footage you need at full resolution. With native DV you're locked in the 5:1 compression format.

Also, with the Digisuite you can get 422 deck control or get a relatively inexpensive adapter for lan-c camera control. Input and output options include xlr audio, y/c video, and component video.

Personally, I started out with a DV Master Pro and then moved up to a Digisuite LE. I haven't regretted the decision at all.

-- John Windmueller (jwind@cais.com), January 18, 1999.

Discovered DV Master boards do not support DVC PRO anyway. So far nobody except Truevision (TARGA DV2000 DTX) seems to support this format in the lower end (my end, sadly!). Checking out Digisuite. Thanks!

-- (bretherton@usa.net), January 19, 1999.

If you go with the Digisuite LE then odds are you won't be going digital in... it's just getting converted to mjpeg compression anyway. So, you just need a camera or deck with the ability to do component (first choice) or y/c (second choice) out. Audio input is via XLR, but you can always put RCA adapters on if need be, and the DSLE can be configured for the different audio levels.

As for deck/camera controll... you're set for RS422 deck control (first choice), but if need be you can always get a Tao controller box and have Lan-C control (second choice. Personally, I aquire footage from my DV drive (y/c output, lan-c control) or the Beta SP deck (component input, RS 422 control), and master out to the Beta SP deck. If someone hands me SVHS material then I just do a manual capture off my prosumer svhs deck--mostly just use it for dups, so didn't spend the extra $ for a full deck with controlls.

If your considering the Digisuite LE I'd strongly suggest you find a local system integrator in your area. You should also join up with the SpeedRazor listserv hosted at http://www.pigsfly.com. I'm sure they can point you in the direction of some good local integrators, or mail-order sources if there are none nearby. I suspect you might also find an editor who would be willing to let you come over and tinker with their system--the Digisuite LE/SR combo is very common.

Best of luck, - John Washington, DC

-- John Windmueller (jwind@cais.com), January 23, 1999.

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