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I was at a local Lowe's the other day chatting with the proprietor of one of those food stands you sometimes see in front of these stores. He was commenting on all the kerosine heaters that were being returned after the big ice storm we had here a couple of weeks ago (Richmond, Va). Seems that a lot of people had bought on the impulse. By the time they got the heaters home, power was back on and they didn't need them, so, find an excuse and return them to the store. I was thinking that a similar thing might happen with generators. I opened up today's Sunday paper classifieds and -- voila -- a half a dozen generators for sale ("New, unused, still in the box.") So we're going to watch the paper for a few days to see if we can get a deal on a 'used' generator.

-- Bob (, January 17, 1999


This is a great idea! However, we live in California, where people don't usually buy generators on impulse in anticipation of a storm. Been thinking of buying one, and wondering if anyone has purchased from Discount Air Compressor and Generator Co. (aka gohonda web site)? Would really appreciate any input.

Hope you find that good deal, Bob!

-- Al (not@this.time), January 17, 1999.

It doesn't seem to me that generators are going to be one of the hard to find items. I walked by a decent sized generator sitting on the floor at Sam's the other day. I've seen quite a few in various stores in the past few weeks. Possibly the negative aspects of owning one, as expressed in this forum for instance, are keeping people from spending their money on them. At least in Buffalo; and for now.


-- Floyd Baker (, January 18, 1999.

Does anyone know where in North Alabama a portable generator can be purchased? Sam's is out....I have two sick elderly people to take care of during all this mess.

Thanks, Bridget

-- Bridget (, January 18, 1999.

When purchasing a generator, be sure to: 1. Obtain extra gas cans. 2. Get at least one deep-cycle-marine battery... you can charge it up with either the generator's 12vdc output or a separate battery charger. 3. Get a few 12 volt light bulbs at the auto supply store (they're used in trouble lights - either 25 or 50 watt rating - and look exactly like a regular light bulb that screws into a socket).

Put the bulbs in a couple of cheap table lamps, and run an extension (heavy) to wherever the battery is... connect the end of the extension to the battery with a fuse (no exceptions!) and you've got lights that don't require your generator to be running all the time. You simply run the generator to charge the battery.


-- Why2K (, January 18, 1999.

In responce to EOF comments,about 12 volt lighting , At HD and Lowes they have 12 lighting for the patio. Except it's run by a 120 volt system,but because you use 12 volt wire I would think you could use these types of lights in a pinch. And Yes always use fuses in an electrical system 12 volt or 120 volt.

-- Furie (, January 19, 1999.

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