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Could someone from the food industry answer this? When I go to a grocery store in February in North Carolina, are the canned vegetables from the US summer crop or are they imported from a recent Mexico/Southern hemisphere harvest.

If y2k stockers take an extra 5%-10% of the canned vegetable stock off the shelf by Thanksgiving 1999, and if our south of the border supply lines are disrupted, can the US still restock shelves with fruit and vegetables between January and April even if we (in the US) experience only a bump in the road? What about fresh winter fruit and vegetables?

Are there other winter food or feed area where we depend on foreign sources? I know a good bit of hamburger beef is from Latin and South America, so beef prices would face upward pressure if supply lines were disrupted.

-- Puddintame (, January 18, 1999


If memory serves, your answer MUST be on the label, by law.

But, individual weight loss will vary.....


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 18, 1999.

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