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Postershop 4.2- I have a media profile for transwhite material printing through a Colorspan 60". My problem is that the saturation is nil. I tried pushing the ink limit to 4, and tweaking the ICC profile in advanced options. I set the saturation to 100% and the contrast to 60%. This result was ever so slightly different. I tried setting a filter to increase saturation, but it caused a massive color shift and crossover. My goal is to have a queue for just trans. The profiles for this queue need to exceed, in saturation, what I've already pushed my existing media profile to the max for. Has anyone had success with any configurations? I dont have a colorimiter or spectrophotometer, just a densitometer. Could I try using a different media model? Please help!-Thank You

-- Anonymous, January 20, 1999


A couple of things..

First, get PosterShop 4.5 and the Profiler fix on the Onyx ftp site. Rebuild you ICC profile and it will have a darker black for your transwhite.

Also, use CMYK images and apply the BigCMYK input profile that available on the Onyx web site. It will increase your saturation for transwhite.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 1999

The Guru on the Onyx website suggested using the Set Black tool in Color Correction to improve saturation on backlit media. I tried it and WOW! I'm getting fantastic densities on my backlit images now.

It's easy to set up. Just go to the Color Correction tab, Select the Set Black&White tool, click on the Set Black tool and sample the darkest point in your image.

-- Anonymous, March 22, 1999

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