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My problem: I would like to know how many hours/day my freezer, refrigerator, and central heating blower run. I would like a meter that I could plug into the appliance's receptacle and then plug the appliance into it. Then I could read the meter after a day, a few days, or even a week to see how many hours it has run in the meantime. This is to help me figure generator usage (how often and for how long). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

G. R. Cox

-- Gerald R. Cox (, January 23, 1999


Better think about this some more. Look at the appliance and get the power requirement for the motor. Next, lets say you need to run the generator 6-8 hours per day to maintain refrigeration. That is roughly 5 gallons of gasoline. Hmm, thats 35 gallons for one week, 140 gallons for one month. Are you prepared to store that much gasoline? Generators only make sense for a very short need ( a few days).

-- RD. ->H (, January 23, 1999.

C. Crane Co. has one. In a rush, but the link is smething like

-- Lewis (, January 24, 1999.

Check out I bought one and it's GREAT! I saw an ad for this in HomePower.

-- Buffalo Bob (, January 26, 1999.

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