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Microsoft, Citigroup Join New Cyber Defense Company

iDEFENSE Answers President Clinton's Latest Call to

Protect Critical Infrastructure

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft and Citigroup have become Charter Members of Infrastructure Defense Inc. (iDEFENSE), a new company on the cutting edge of an emerging service industry that will shape, secure and defend the tremendous potential of the critical infrastructure.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Clinton Administration's own ambitious program "to combat exotic forms of terrorism" that President Clinton said "would dominate national defense in the next century...including computer experts who could respond quickly to electronic terrorist attacks." The iDEFENSE agreement with two of the world's premiere companies, along with the President's proposal requesting $2.8 billion in his next budget to fight such terrorism, underscores the high priority being placed on securing critical infrastructures. The President cites "unconventional attacks" from germ and chemical warfare to cyber attacks as "the greatest emerging threat to national security."

"Since President Clinton's call to action on securing critical infrastructure last May, iDEFENSE has been working to bring together key players throughout the private and public sectors," said James Adams, world authority on national security issues and terrorism and iDEFENSE CEO. "We are the trusted third party between the public and private sectors."

By establishing information-exchange relationships with the largest companies in the private sector, federal agencies and worldwide intelligence organizations, iDEFENSE has answered that call by building an immense "knowledge base" about the critical infrastructure and its operation. With constantly updated information at its disposal, iDEFENSE provides its clients with tailored analysis of potential vulnerabilities both within their own operations and within their value chains. iDEFENSE acts as an industry information sharing and analysis center (ISAC), one of the President's recommended solutions.

"Developing and protecting the critical infrastructure is a vital priority not only for those of us in the software industry but for every part of society today," said Howard Schmidt, Director of Security at Microsoft Corporation. "Microsoft is pleased to be a Charter Member of iDEFENSE. This new organization answers the call President Clinton made in May for a private sector solution to the problems in the critical infrastructure."

iDEFENSE helps businesses navigate the critical infrastructure -- the complex and interconnected network of financial systems, transportation systems, telecommunications, power grids, and government and emergency services -- by providing such benefits as threat notification when some part of the infrastructure is at risk from hacker or terrorist attack, economic espionage or system failure. Such attacks and failures have cost American businesses hundreds of millions of dollars over the last year.

"Citigroup devotes considerable resources and budget to information security because it is critical to our future. An important element of information security is protection of critical infrastructure from all manner of attacks and compromise," said P. Michael Nugent, Citigroup's General Counsel for Technology and Intellectual Property. "It is for this reason we have chosen to become a Charter Member of iDEFENSE. We also believe that iDEFENSE represents the most meaningful effort to date at serious and coordinated private sector action in protecting the nation's critical infrastructure."

A highly secure web-based solution created by USWeb Corporation/CKS allows iDEFENSE clients to communicate directly with each other, exchange knowledge, and manage crises. At the same time, they can also securely communicate with iDEFENSE's Operations Center to gain real-time in-depth knowledge from iDEFENSE analysts, many of whom have been recruited directly from the intelligence community. Going beyond the government's proposed plan, iDEFENSE is also establishing industry-wide certification criteria and providing educational services like conferences, standards vetting and technical topic research for its clients.

As Charter Members of iDEFENSE, Citigroup and Microsoft also have access to iDEFENSE's Y2K risk management and crisis response service. The Year 2000 computer date problem is one of the most urgent issues facing the critical infrastructure. In September, iDEFENSE launched its y2ktoday Web site, which provides comprehensive Y2K information, analysis, status reports and strategies.

"We believe that our relationship with iDEFENSE and use of its tools and resources will put us in a stronger position to safely weather the turn of the millennium," said Nugent.

Additional information can be found at as well as the iDEFENSE's Year 2000 public-service site For more information about iDEFENSE's Charter Member Program contact Tony Keyes at or 703-914-1606 and Caitlin Durkovich at or 703-914-7111.

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-- lulu (, January 25, 1999


["...iDEFENSE represents the most meaningful effort to date at serious and coordinated private sector action in protecting the nation's critical infrastructure."]

and for those who want to know "the lessons learned and how long it will take to return to business as usual":

iDEFENSE's Year 2000 public-service site at


-- Critt Jarvis (Wilmington, NC) (, January 26, 1999.

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