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Here it is in a nutshell, The new Play inc. Trinity TV studio in a box has been released now for a few months. Has anyone, and I mean anyone seen this thing work? Especially have you heard any more on the proposed NEL edititor called (Time Machine) portion of the package. If this thing works as well as all the articles, write up, and company hoopla says it does. Why the hell aren't we all working on this platform. This appears to be a producers dream come true. ______________________________________________________________________ Live eight imput switcher. A/B/C/V machine control for 4 vtrs. chacter generator. 3D digital effects. Paint and Animation. Chroma Keyer. Dual Channel D1 still store. Complete and ready-to-edit at $6,995 Is this possible! and if it is why don't I hear its praises sung from every posting! Please somebody give me some imput.

-- Orlando (, January 25, 1999


Hay I'm a Trinity user of sorts. I don't have an input card yet so I haven't done any live video. The learning curve is very steep, mainly because the manual is really a collection of tutorials. The Gizmos manual seems more coprehensive. I'm in the process of up-grading my Warp Engine and Switcher cards to 128MB, I also need professional decks with sync input and RS422 control. I've only been able to do some kick-ass animated titles but I'm looking forward to doing more when I have all the missing parts. Visit, lots of users, information and help there. Personally this ole fogey thinks Casablanca will do more to change the way television is made, especially for creative people and students without alot of cash. Good luck.

-- zanne woods (, January 27, 1999.

Agree with the above. Trinity is, at the moment, a great live switcher. There's a ton of potential in this box -- but know that the Time Machine add-on to make this an NLE is expensive and not yet available.

If you're setting up a small TV studio, this is a wonderful machine. Otherwise.... pass.

- Jim

-- Jim Parriott (, July 18, 1999.

I am currently using time machine, and find it extremely difficult to just jump right in and edit. I was trained on the Media 100, and Adobe Premiere. My boss won't let me use it as a switcher, so I have this huge thing to edit on, and I can't get the stupid thing to work half of the time....are there any training videos available?


-- Brie (, July 29, 2002.

I just bought one of these boxes. It is loaded with about 12 cards and I have no idea what is it worth. I bought it from a company that is downsizing. How do I put a value on this for sale. Anyone interested. I was told that it was very expensive. Thanks for any answers. I don't need it. Just trying to recoup some money spent on a very large lot of high end video streaming and processing equipment. DAVID

-- David Neuman (, March 14, 2003.

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