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Millennium expert fears Japan doomsday More Year 2000 coverage in Y2K Watch. By Yvonne Chang / Reuters

TOKYO - Susumu Adachi, a self-appointed crusader who warns Japan to prepare for the "millennium bug," plans to spend the turn of the century outside Tokyo for fear the metropolis will be paralyzed on that critical day. "Japan is going to melt down. I don't believe a word the government and big companies say," said the author and critic who specializes in problem computers face as the millennium dawns. He wrote a book in 1996 warning Japan to address the issue but laments that his country has not made much progress despite repeated calls from overseas to take immediate action. Experts say the computer bug known as the Y2K (year 2000) problem may trigger widespread disruption because not all computers will be able to distinguish between 1900 and 2000 as their software identifies only the last two digits. "I don't want to cause panic. But people should face reality," Adachi said.


For those of you who know little of their Japanese language, "Susumu Adachi" means 'Paul Milne' in Japanese.

http://detnews.com/1999/technology/9901/26/01260136.htm Paul Milne If you live within five miles of a 7-11, you're toast.

-- Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com), January 26, 1999


Good one, Susumu (I mean Paul:-)...

-- Nabi Davidson (nabi7@yahoo.com), January 26, 1999.

But how does he spell BUTTHEAD in kanji?

-- a (a@a.a), January 26, 1999.

Actually, I think it would be more relevant to learn Chinese. They are going to be the people who rule the world sometime in the next century...

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), January 26, 1999.

...not if they get nuked first...

-- a (a@a.a), January 26, 1999.

"Chinese get nuked first"?

Not since Slick Willy sold them our rocket guidence systems. They can drop a nuke right in the middle of D.C. now!

-- Bill (y2khippo@yahoo.com), January 26, 1999.

Now you know who advised me to leave Japan.

He is an interesting, thoughtful and calm person. This short Reuters piece (as usual) does not present his credentials and long history of experience. Written in a childlike way for childlike people to feel better about not worrying about their future.

-- PNG (png@gol.com), January 26, 1999.

PNG, could you do those here who can read Japanese a big favor and post the best URL for writings of Susumu Adachi in Japanese ? I'd search with the csj search engine, but I'm not sure of kanji for his name and anyway I'll bet you can easily post something. If it's cool I'll translate and post here. Thanks,


-- Runway Cat (runway_cat@hotmail.com), January 27, 1999.


Perhaps you should heed the real Susumu Adachi's advice. I too would like to know more about him.

Be safe.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), January 27, 1999.

RC: http://y2kjapan.com

He hasn't updated much lately...

I'll send you more URL's when I return to Japan next week.

I can't just "leave" Japan. My wife is Japanese and green cards can take years to get. In addition, her grandfather is ill and will require care by the family in the future. I think I can do more good here. Thanks for your concern, though. I appreciate it.

-- PNG (png@gol.com), January 27, 1999.

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