"sliding numbers"

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My local newspaper has quoted the community college IT person as saying they are "sliding numbers" in their remediation. Could some one explain this to me? Is it the same as "windowing"? Thanks.

-- gina (gngdecker@ckt.net), January 28, 1999


Sliding windowing - a variation of windowing. In windowing, you assume that if the year in question is greater than a 'pivot' year - say 10, that the century is 19, otherwise it is 20. So 99 is 1999 and 00 is 2000. But in 2010, you're in trouble

With sliding windowing, the pivot year is a variable based on the current year - e.g. this year minus 50. This is more useful in some situations.

-- fran (franprevas@yahoo.com), January 28, 1999.

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