Polaroid Sepia Black & White Film

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Is it possible to use the Polaroid Sepia Black & White film for Emulsion Transfers and Image Transfers?

-- Tom Barkman (tbarkman@fpmail.stlcc.cc.mo.us), January 28, 1999


It is possible to use these films for emulsion transfer, but I have not been successful with this process: you can check the thread "B/W Polaroid emulsion transfer".

To see some examples visit the page of Ann Eliot Cutting in Polaroid site. I have a link to this place in my "Polaroid transfer & manipulation resources" page: http://www.aster.com/marek/gallery/tlinks.htm

The instructions B&W emulsion transfer were published in Polaroid Test Magazine (Spring/Summer 1996). You can also find them in Kathleen Carr book.

-- Marek Uliasz (uliasz@frii.com), January 31, 1999.

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