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To any Canucks? I've tried to yellow page it, no one seems to even know what I'm talking about. I need to find pails, obsorbers, grains and a grinder. I'm worried that any U.S. orders I make won't arrive in time... "to all of you who post" T H A N K Y O U !!! (As a newbie, I can sift through the chaff...)

-- west.can. (, February 01, 1999


There's gotta be grain in Sask. & Man. There's gotta be flour mills in Canada. Flour mills buy wheat. Maybe one will sell some.

Handpowered grain mill -- best one I've seen -- that I could afford -- is the Millennium Mill, from Stortite in Grants Pass, Oregon. I ordered late in November, it arrived in Georgia 10 days later.

Grains of all sorts -- see Bob's Red Mill, also located in Oregon. Freight charges wil be a problem for small orders. Probably the sooner the better here.

Buckets, oxy absorbers, &c., see Glitchproof in Birmingham, Alabama. Same problem with freight charges, no problem with delivery so far as I know.

-- Tom Carey (, February 01, 1999.


I ordered 12 2-gallon buckets with lids and absorbers from Glitchproof, and they arrived in less than 10 days. Also comes with instructions and way more absorbers than you need for 12 buckets. Only problem is properly storing the absorbers once you open the shrink-wrap package.

-- Vic (, February 01, 1999.

Tom Carey & Vic, thanks for answering a newbie.. I'm having difficulty getting an assortment of the grains locally, wheat is o.k. Your info was valuable!

-- west.can. (, February 01, 1999.

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