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Perform this simple calculation to find out:

  1. Multiply area length by width and height.
    _____(length) x_____(width) x (height)=_____(A)

  2. Multiply (A) x 0.133=_____(B)

  3. Subtract present area temperature from desired area temperature.

    _____(Desired temperature) - _____(present temperature) =_____(C).

  4. Multiply (B)_____ x (C)_____ to find BTU output required = _____(D)

Hope this is useful (courtesy of my local rental yard).

Bill S.

-- Bill S. (, February 02, 1999


Something critical is missing here - how well insulated is the space in question? This formula doesn't figure this in at all.

-- Ned (, February 02, 1999.

Incredibly useful, Bill, thanks.


-- E. Coli (, February 02, 1999.

Q. "How much heat do you need?"

A. "Enough to keep warm"

Hehe. Little joke. I should send it in to de Jagar for his new Y2k joke book.

-- Linda A. (, February 02, 1999.

Good info Bill, another thing to take into account is which way does your home face? Ours faces southwest. We turn the stove off around 11:00 a.m. and turn it back on around 7:00 p.m. on sunny days.

-- bardou (, February 02, 1999.

I'm much more concerned about keeping cool. If last year, the hottest summer on record, is any indication of what we can expect in the summer of 2000, I'm toast. I can always put on enough clothes to stay reasonably warm, but stripping doesn't help in searing heat. Any suggestions?

Welcome to Global Warming.

-- gilda jessie (, February 03, 1999.

Ahh, Gilda Jessie, thank your lucky stars. Heat won't kill you as long as you have water, shade, and a reasonable cardiovascular system. Cold, on the other hand, will kill you, no matter the clothing. I grew up in Florida, live now in upstate NY, and am convinced that, social conditions aside, people up north are going to have a much tougher time of it if the grid fails. I grew up without air conditioning; you'll be hot, you'll be sticky, but you'll live. (hint: wet a bandanna and wrap it around your forehead/temples. The evaporating water will cool you off. Heat exchange!) Not to mention growing seasons...

-- Spidey (, February 03, 1999.

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