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Has anybody shot polaroid instant slides and then use them in either of the transfer processes?

I'm considering buying a slide processor, but I wanted to know if anybody has worked with the instant slides (I know that the color is not as good as traditional processing).

-- Stuart Goldstein (, February 03, 1999


I have used only black & white slides (Polapan) for image transfer.

Theresa Airey in her book "Creative Photo Printmaking" doesn't recommend Polaroid color slides for transfers: "Polachrome is an excellent film for projection, but not for transfers because of the way the film is made. Its single light-sensitive layer isn't apparent when projected but is obvious in viewing when held up to the light. It is quite difficult to make transfers from Polachrome slides".

-- Marek Uliasz (, February 03, 1999.

An example of image transfer from black and white Polaroid slide film:

and a quite similar transfer from a color slide (Fuji Velvia):

-- Marek Uliasz (, January 08, 2002.

I have used both Polapan and Polachrome for image and emulsion transfers onto Polaroid 669. I shoot the Polapan with a 25 red filter and a soft filter, since this is the effect I like, but I think it probably adds contrast as well. The Polachrome seems to work Ok in my Vivitar slide printer also. The colours tend to be more soft and muted, again the particular effect I sometimes want.

-- Tina Martin (, March 06, 1999.

I have not tried transfer with PolaChrome. However, I disovered that the negative images on the paper processing strip are easy to scan and then with the help of Photoshop (levels, curves, invert, whatever) they produce unusual looking images. I like the results no less than the acual Polariod slides.

-- Igor Osatuke (, January 08, 2002.

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