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I own both Logos Level 4 and Nelson's Electronic Library and have not been able to copy pictures or tables from either for use in other programs. I can easily move text to other programs but not graphics. I emailed a question about this to Logos about a month ago but no response yet.

-- Fred Minix (, February 05, 1999


I selected a chart in the New Bible dictionary on Music and Musical Instruments. Then I right clicked on the chart and selected copy from the menu. I opened the Paint application and pasted into Paint. I then saved the file. I went to Word 97 and selected insert picture/file and the chart was in my Word document. There is probably a quicker way, but this one works.

-- John Fidel (, February 05, 1999.

Thank you, John, for the quick response. I tried what you said and it worked. But it treats a table like a picture which means that you can't edit the text. I also found that this method does not work on all tables. For example in the Believer's Study Bible the table called "Why Four Gospels?" in the Synoptic Gospels article does not paste into Paint, only a small graphic in the corner of the table carries over into Paint. By the way, I found a slightly faster way to accomplish your method of using Paint. Instead of saving the graphic as a file in Paint just use edit to "select all" then copy it and then you can paste the graphic into MS Word. If we are missing something as to how to copy tables and graphics more directly into Word hopefully someone who knows will respond. If it is a problem with Logos hopefully they will correct this bug soon. Thank you again for the help.

-- Fred Minix (, February 05, 1999.

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