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I have recently came across a NO. 2 Brownie (model F) Kodak camera complete with brown canvas case and I was wondering if these models are rare or are they still quite common place. I am not really interested in selling I was just wanting to know a bit more about it as it looks a very interesting object. Gregor McMillan Stranraer Scotland

-- Gregor McMillan (, February 09, 1999


Your Brownie is a quite common camera. The F model has a hinged back, Contrary to some of the other models. Most common is de black color with a worth of approx. 1 - 6 English Pounds. The colored versions have been sold for prices ranging from 35 - 50 Pounds, depending on condistion of the camera and the country it was sold. It's a camera build between 1901 and 1933 (the F-type in the late twenties, early thirties), made of cardboard. 6 exposures on 120 film. Some of the colored models have black metal parts. The last series was made of aluminum instead of cardboard

-- Maarten Binnendijk (, August 20, 2001.

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