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Uncle Deedah started a wonderful thread last week featuring weekly specials. I hope we can make this a regular practice.

This week at Randall's (Houston) the 24 oz can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew is buy one, get one free. (2 for $2.49) No limit.

Soft'n Gentle Toilet tissue- 4 pack, .59 cents. No limit.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, February 10, 1999


Locally, Pamida has Campbells chicken noodle soup at 50 cents a can, all you want.Albertsons is running cream of mushroom soup at 3 for 2 dollars.

-- nine (, February 10, 1999.

Central NC Krogers: double coupons up to and including $1. No limit on number of coupons but only one coupon offer on one type of item permitted. (I.e., if you have six coupons for Smith's small widgets, you can use only one of them. Do what we did if you have lots of coupons: each take a basket, fill with double allowance. Can always leave a child in charge of one, go back and check out again at another check-out.) $1.50-$1.99 coupons treated same as $1. Best to go early Wednesday morning after they restock shelves Tuesday night. We found lots of store space bare on certain coupon items Tuesday morning.

-- Old Git (, February 10, 1999.

One of the absolute best places to buy supplies very cheaply is at the Dollar General store. There are many, many items that are, indeed, just a dollar. Various spices--don't forget them--are two for a dollar. I routinely spend $20-$30 a week there. TP is six rolls for a buck, toothpaste (brand name) is a dollar a tube. Twelve disposable razors, a dollar. All sorts of inexpensive food products. It's really worth a trip.

-- Vic (, February 10, 1999.

Remember several weeks ago and we got on the subject of those Lucky Rewards Cards? I cut mine up and got a phoney name one. They have a website, where you can get additional savings on top of savings. Plus if you clip coupons, you can use those and pay almost next to nothing for items on the valuepage. Here's just a few offerings: Fleischmann's Yeast 30 cents off, GM International Coffees $2.00 off for 2, $1.25 off GM cereals. With the savings, and my Sunday paper coupons, I expect to pay very little for some of these items. The other day I saved $19.50 on items for storage. Also, each week they notify you via e-mail of new coupon items. You just print out the value page and it has a bar code on it. You give it to the checker when checking out.

-- bardou (, February 10, 1999.

does anyone know of a site that lists supermarkets that take double coupons from week to week?

please e-mail me directly....


-- sonja m. (, May 16, 1999.

I had just heard about this yesterday and then it popped up on the news this AM. We can now print out coupons directly from the PC to use at local retailers. Pretty cool. I'm still fumed about that $21.00 Pizza that showed up at the door a couple of weeks ago. Ignorance is no defense though, I should've asked when ordering, Live and learn.

And yes, pizzzza ummmm is on the list of coupons to print out.

-- spun@lright (, May 16, 1999.

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