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I found a great source of food-grade plastic buckets. 4.5 gallons. Square -- they stack better for storage, and they also stack inside each other to minimize shipping bulk. They have resealable airtight lids and are available for only $2.00 US each. A great find, probably temporary (I don't know how many he has, but quite a few).

Fred 817/467-2888 This guy is a civilian (Texas) who found a great source of buckets, used to be an advertising guy, grabbed 'em quick and figured he could sell them. (He's right. Give him a call.)


-- PJ Gaenir (, February 11, 1999


Note: These are not cleaned. You have to clean them yourself. They used to have stuff like pie filling in them. The guy says it takes about 2 minutes to clean each one.

He also has round buckets in 4gal size.

I'm supposed to get some in the next few days, I'll let you know how it goes.


-- PJ Gaenir (, February 11, 1999.

Here in the Mass. we are able to get free buckets from the big super markets bakery. Just go and ask as they normally throw them out. You have to collect for a while to get buckets with matching lids, but eventually it all works out well. Gene on Cape Cod

-- Gene on Cape Cod (, February 11, 1999.

HERE'S ANOTHER SOURCE, for buckets ,I have visited the local fast food places for their food grade buckets ,and I ask for the lids too. I haven't had too much trouble getting them. Of course it's a way of recycling to our benefit. Oh don't forget the small packs of salt and pepper that are available also. Most of the time you use only the amount in those packets to satisfy your tastebuds. And Subway has screw on lids for their containers. If this will help anyone looking for containers... Furie...

-- Furie (, February 11, 1999.

Hurry to your local bakery, where scads of 4-5 gall frosting buckets are available, or will be in the next 24 hours--think Valentine's Day cakes! Best bet is probably today--but call first, early if possible, ask them to save the buckets for you, get a name--and TURN UP! Health regs here in central NC require that such containers be pitched into the garbage as soon as they're empty, so it's a very good idea to call first. As for cleaning frosting buckets, you may not be able to get the vanilla odor out, no matter how long you soak them in bleach. Sometimes helps to leaave outt in the sun and rain for a few days. If all else fails, use the fragrant buckets for storing things like coffee and cake mixes. See also delis and restaurants for various containers--feta and tofu come in large buckets. Bottling companies have good 5-gall containers suitable for storing water, sometimes 55-gall barrels are available.

-- Old Git (, February 12, 1999.

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