Pot Bellied Pigs Sources??

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Folks, I'd love to add a pair of pot bellied pigs to my livestock mix for the turnover. Seems like I could handle 100 pound critters (and the meat from one) a lot easier than 800 to 1000 pound full sized pigs. Has anyone have any idea where I could find a source for these? I live in SW Michigan.

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), February 12, 1999


Ooops!! As I grin in embarrassment.

Here is an information source for anyone else who may be interested.


Not a live link, I'm afraid.

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), February 12, 1999.

Actually, I'm thinking a couple of rabbit traps would be a good investment. Anyone know where I can get some?

-- don't ask (notnowIm@work.com), February 12, 1999.

I'm already planning on raising rabbits. They are quite easy and can supply a continuous source of meat.

You might want to consider a couple sizes of "hav a hart" live traps, one for rabbit size critters, the other for animals the size of raccoons, opossum, armadillo, etc.

Don't forget the possibility of having to set a trap for coyote, fox, and feral cats and dogs. Don't depend on your ability to shoot predators like these. They are probably better at what they do than you will be.

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), February 12, 1999.

What's the matter with "Lassie" and "Fluffy"? Asians have no problem with this. "The customs of your tribe and island are not laws of nature."

Cats help keep the mice and rats down. They are purely carnivores. And if they multiply too much, feed a few to the dogs.

Dogs are omniverous; they can eat anything we do (except chocolate is a no-no for them). If you get too many of them, it's taco time.

Now, my animal lover credentials are impeccable; I'm a member of PETA (no, not People for the "Ethical Treatment of Animals", but of "People for Eating Tasty Animals).

-- A (A@AisA.com), February 13, 1999.

For me, nothing. For my fiancee, it's a no-go. I've eaten coyote and it's quite good. Anyway, pigs are bred to put on weight faster, on less food. And I don't think dogs or cats will graze as pigs do, nor eat acorns or dried corn..........

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), February 13, 1999.

OK, everyone, I've done some 'net research. Forget the darn pigs.

They breed fast, but they are expensive!! Like $1,800 for 2 sows and a boar is the best price I've gotten so far....

I'll stick with rabbits and maybe some neat goats I've tracked down:

Nigerian pygmy goats. Fast breeders, multiple births, good meat and milk producers (I'm lactose intolerant-no non fat dried milk for me).

Assets that reproduce themselves and feed me at the same time, while using resources that I cannot utilize directly (pasture and forage) sure seem like a good bet to me. Good trade items, also. Both the end products and breeding stock.

I've got some useful links for anyone who may be interested.

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), February 14, 1999.

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