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I'm considering a change to the Logos Scholars edition bible software package because I am not happy with the new Quickverse 5.0. I would like to hear from any of you out there with experience in one or both of them and tell me your opinions. I have never seen the Logos software in action but have heard many good things. Can anyone help?

-- Arnold Correll (acorrell@twave.net), February 12, 1999



You are asking a great question. I have a website called the Unofficial STEP newsletter located at::


I recently compared Logos against QV. You can find my comments there. I would strongly suggest you also consider WORDsearch 5.0, since it can read all your Parsons STEP books. Logos is offering a great deal on exchanging QV for Logos. Lots more detail on my website.

Read my comments and then feel free to send me any questions you may have.

God Bless

John Fidel

-- John Fidel (kfapa@swcp.com), February 13, 1999.

Uh, thought I'd point out that WORDsearch 5 *cannot* read all QV titles (last I tried, that is). It couldn't read "Life and Morals of Jesus".

-- Ken Rubin (ken_rubin@metricvision.com), March 25, 1999.

Actually, WORDsearch 5.0 can read the Life and Morals of Jesus Christ. It cannot read the newest books published with Quickverse 5.0 at the present time. They should have a compatible STEP reader with in the next month according to my discussions with them.

-- John Fidel (kfapa@swcp.com), March 25, 1999.

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