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Bobs Red Mill in Milwaukie (no, I don't work there just a happy shopper) has food grade liners for buckets 50 cents each, Milla available $145 with stone burrs- steel burrs available for extra, buckets now only $3.29 (new supplier and they passed on the savings), mylar bags 5# presealed product with oxygen absorbers and coming soon from a manufacturer in Spokane- dried #10 cans of cheese powder, potatoes au gratin, margarine and butter so you don't have to get a whole bunch of expensive dried food to get the stuff that's hard to do at home.

Home Canning service (ala LDS) $1.50 per can your stuff and you help or you can buy product from them- very flexible, lots of options. They also will be having the mylar bags- real space saver Hillsboro, OR 503-648-9370 currently no waiting (don't work there eithier)

55 gallon food grade liners Portland Packaging 503-288-6531

Bobs Class on y2k food storeage, selection and use 20 Feb 11-1 $15/head includes BIG packet of info plus 10% off purchases made in store that day. 503-654-3215

-- EC (, February 12, 1999


Good stuff! Do you know the name of the manufacturer in Spokane?

-- Wanda (, February 12, 1999.

The cannery in the Portland area is called Four Star Foods, and I, Rex Pierson, am the "owner/operator".

We offer four ways to meet your food storage needs:
*you may bring bulk products in to pack that you have purchased elsewhere;
*you may buy bulk from us, and pack it yourself here into #10 cans;
*we can pack it for you;
*you can buy already canned food that we keep in stock.

Our canned inventory is on our web site:

Four Star Foods

Any folks who visit the cannery can buy our products at a nice discount (we like visitors).

-- Rex Pierson (, February 26, 1999.

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