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As a MacUser I work with a G3-Mac, a Sony TRV 900 and the digital video solution from Octopos called DVStudio 1394. All components are of best qualitiy and speed. I've got quite good results but never absolutly free of any failures. Is anybody out there who works with Macintosh and DVStudio, please contact me. Thank you all.

-- Wolfried Hawe (Hawes@t-online.de), February 13, 1999


Hi here , i'm working with dvstudio , canon xl1 and pmac 8600, now i've mostly worked without problems, however the reason i've come across your posting is that I'm picking up a strange untraceable bib sound on my captured sound track. i cannot fathom it or trace it ? Have you encountere this or other sound problems? Mike.

-- Mike cunningham (mike@amazegraphics.com), March 06, 2001.


-- huseyin dem (husdemirtas@hotmail.com), March 03, 2004.

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