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Tell me pls, what is better to buy, MotoDV or Miro300 for Canon XL-1. Thank you, Stan (St.Petersburg, Russia)

-- Stan (, February 15, 1999


It depends on what type of computer you have. The miro card offers SCSI if you don't already have it and for editing it uses Adobe Premiere and works better when using on a slower machine compared to the Radius product. On the otherhand the Radius card card, seems more integrated with the DV medium when using EditDV for editing. If you prefer Adobe Premiere then that is included in the MotoDV Studio package. However they are both great products so I'd recommend which ever may be the cheapest.

-- anon (no@email.address), February 24, 1999.


I wish I found this mail earlier. I has a P-200mmx PC, a MOTO-DV studio 2.0 and a Canon Optura. My PC is quite slow, so when I run the Adobe Premiere5.1, sometimes it works and sometimes it not. My PC is with the ultraDMA hard-dish 5400pm/min, 128 Ram and windows NT4.0/sp4. So far, I have to use MotoDV's own software to save the video, then use Premiere to edit it. No convenience. From your mail, maybe Miro300 is a better choice for my case.


-- Chia Huang (, April 25, 1999.

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