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"AOL Playing Catch-up with Y2K"

The Year 2000 problem might cause more worries for America Online than the company had expected.

AOL's engineers have not yet determined how many systems are infected with the Y2K bug and only a handful of AOL's suppliers have responded to requests for information, according to new financial disclosure documents filed this week.

"The company is in the process of asking its vendors, joint venture partners, and content partners about their progress...but has received very few complete responses," said a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.

Further, AOL reports that it began testing its hardware components -- such as computers, routers and telephone equipment -- for Y2K glitches only last month, long after experts say the process should have begun.

"If they finish the assessment and find out by some miracle everything was fine all along, they've escaped. But if it turns out they do have compliance problems, there's no time left at this point," said Ed Yourdon, author of two dozen books on software engineering and a Y2K consultant.

Y2K problems are particularly troubling for companies that rely on computers as much as AOL, the world's largest online service. Manual workarounds are not a realistic option for an[y] services running propriety software.

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-- Kevin (, February 15, 1999


This is the best Y2K news I've heard yet ;-)

-- (, February 15, 1999.

For more on Yahoo! and how much they've spent so far, see this link... aol_4.html

-- Kevin (, February 15, 1999.

Thanks Kevin, you beat me to it! Here's more YAHOO Y2K headlines, 3 new stories posted today. <:)= Yahoo! Search Results

-- Sysman (, February 15, 1999.

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