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This message is being posted to bring the viewers of this forum's attention to a new food storage information site ( ... we would have prefered food storage, but those url's were taken.

The Survival Food site will be developed over the coming months to provide information on assembling a store of food products to enable thoughtful people to prepare themselves for disruptions to their food supply.

The focus will be on bulk foods, particularly those with a long "shelf life" such as grains, rice and dried beans. This site is sponsored by Purity Foods, Inc. and is provided as a service to customers interested in food storage.

This message is not intended as "spam" mearly an announcement. This service has been launched in response to repeated requests from clients.

Material has just been added relating to bioavailability, food allergies and nutrition issues.

Respectively JTHoagland

-- JTHoagland (, February 17, 1999


I'd be interested to know where you can get the best price on freeze-dried foods? No dehydrated food because my y2k consultant taught us not to bother with having to cook if w/o power. It'll be depressing enough w/o having to cook. So far I have called up a dozen places or so, the lowest price on freeze-dried (Alpine) is a discount place H.T.H. I think the first H. stands for Highway something. They gives 15-20% discount, some places really charge you a bundle. My cousin tried their service first. It took her about 8 weeks. Not bad. I heard some of these new companies still take your order tho they know they ain't no way they'll send it anytime soon! The only thing I have is their e-mail If you got a better deal with reliable service and same item so I can cp. apple for apple, please let us know a name and a number. As a dietician, I can tell Alpine beats most other dehydrated stuff hands down in nutrition. Thanks.

-- Wise Shopper (, February 17, 1999.

WiseShopper : re: freeze-dried foods

Purity Foods does not supply freeze-dried foods This is where we would prefer to be know for food storage. We supply bulk and processed products, most are organic, with a focus on beans, grains and rices that have a long shelf life.

We also suggest our pasta, which requires cooking, but is fast and easy as well as having a very good nutrition profile.

For Purity Foods ( JTHoagland

-- JTHoagland (, February 17, 1999.

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