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Hey guys. I want to download from my VX1000 onto a new G3/400, and then edit footage and add motion graphics. I heard Premiere downloads at the wrong speed, but that EditDV works well. Can I use After Effects w/ EditDV? Will I have any problems downloading back onto the VX1000 and then taking the camera to a service bureau and downloading onto digabeta? Any other problems I might run into or suggestions for a better set-up??? Thanks!!!

-- Howard (, February 17, 1999


Edit Dv works fine with after effects, just keep your codecs in line, edit dv actually ships with templates for after effects. You won't have any trouble downloading back to the camera, as long as the file was rendered in the dv format, you just use the DV Player program to send the video out through the firewire. nate

-- nate (, June 26, 1999.

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