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My sister intends to store grains, sugar, flour, etc. in empty milk gallon containers that she has washed and rinsed in chlorine. I told her that I didn't think you could do that safely, but, I couldn't explain why (I simply had never seen it discussed on any forum).Would someone please set us straight on this option? Thanks a million!

-- wondering about (don't think@this, February 17, 1999


this has been covered a number of times with some variability of end results in terms of water storage. Having said this, I will point out that there are interesting pores in the plastic used for milk jugs which have the ability to trap milk fats, which will go rancid over time, contaminating the foods stored in them. If, however someone wants to ignore this and use them anyway, seriously consider storing them in a dark area to cut down on the propensity for the plastic to biodegrade, as UV is the active ingredient for biodegradation.

Chuck, a night driver

-- Chuck, night driver (, February 17, 1999.

As I posted previously also, I read on the y2k for women site that the milk jugs are NOT recommended for anything because they are biodegradable they pick up bacteria and can spread some bad germs. I threw away all my milk jugs that I had previously cleaned and had stored away. Water jugs are made out of a different plastic though.

The main problem I see is these jugs would be inviting to mice and the likes. Also, how does she plan to keep her grains bug free. These jugs do not have a tight seal. If you put a lid on a jug and squeeze it air will come out. I would recommend nothing other than food grade plastic buckets with gasketed lids or metal cans with tight fitting lids. She may be in for trouble otherwise. I know the buckets can get expensive but go to Mc Donalds or Burger King or local bakery and get from them. Clean and bleach well. Then I buy my lids from No I have no affiliation with glitchproof. Just a customer! Mary

-- Mary (, February 17, 1999.

Call me dumb, but what in the name of sam hill is wrong with store bought freezer bags and the following method: Use heavy duty freezer bags (they are affordable and available.) Worried about bugs (they add protein you know) throw in a couple bay leaves with your grain. Seal bag. Worried about mice, line cardboard box with two to three layers of heavy duty foil. (Last I knew, foil wasn't on the mouse top ten dietary supplements list) Place bags in foil lined box. Still worried about bugs, sprinkle bags and box with food grade diam. earth. Fold and seal foil closed. Cover and date box (so you can use oldest first). Still worried about mice, place mouse traps around your storage area. Worried about nutritional decline of stored foods, include vitamins/supplements in your supplies.

Move from your 'emergency pantry' to your day to day pantry and replace emergency supply. Don't throw out the diam. earth you can reuse when you repack fresh supplies or you can sprinkle around crops that have snail problems.

Just my thoughts.

-- john hebert (, February 17, 1999.

Bugs add protein...not worried about a few bugs, but over course of a year those bugs will eat up much of your grain. Bugs are protein, bugsh*t ain't.

-- Shimrod (, February 20, 1999.

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