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What effects do pre-competition rituals have on athletes? Are the effects different for males and females?

-- Anne Kiernan (, February 17, 1999


Anne, It depends on what the 'ritual' signifies. It is desireable in some sports to develop a pre-competition/pre-performance routine that an athlete uses to help them focus their attention and reach a state of optimal arousal. These routines are highly beneficial as long as they don't dominate the athlete. A routine should never reach the point where the athlete MUST do it to perform well. Athletes must be able to handle unexpected events in their preparation, while a routine can give them a sense of control in an unfamiliar situation, they must not feel out of control if their routine is disrupted. I don't know of any gender effects! hope this helps. Email me if you want any further info cheers adam

-- adam hall (, June 17, 1999.

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