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I heard Gary North for the time ever last night. He was on Art Bell's show, and they did talk quite a bit about the banking industry.

What did intrigue me was something Gary North said about the NERC. Some electric companies are doing a joint test in April, and he was a little surprised the NERC allowed the following document to be seen.

This is a link to the orginal source in PDF format...

Here's a link to some excerpts that are on Gary North's site:

And here are some snips I took out of the PDF strategy...



The electric industry in North America is preparing to conduct a Y2K drill on April 9, 1999. The purpose of the drill is to prepare for operation with limited voice and data communications. A drill guide has been prepared defining the objectives and steps to prepare for and conduct the drill.

1. The April 9 drill is intended to install public confidence through success and at the same time be a real test of our ability to operate with limited communications capabilities. How can these two goals be balanced to provide the greatest value from the exercise?

* Start planning for it now

* Prior to drill, test system(s) that will be exercised during the drill.

* Document drill procedures.

* Identify system(s) to be drilled.


* Verify that there are no real security issues during the time of the drill


Individual companies who choose to should develop their own plans to notify and coordinate with their local media


* Do not make the drill to complex. We want to have a successful and meaningful story for publication.


* The drill should test partial loss of voice and data communications and partial loss of EMS functionality.


* Do not overload communications channels with drill communications. Identify specific phone numbers that will be used during the drill.


* Was NERC aware that April 9th is a real Y2K sensitive date? Answer: Yes, April 9th is the 99th day of 1999.


-- Kevin (, February 20, 1999


An important snip I forgot to put in the last message...


* What will the final report look like. Work backwards from this in the development of the drill procedures.


-- Kevin (, February 20, 1999.

I listened to Art Bell 'n Scary Gary last night too.

This article shows utilities "how to" create a public positive Y2K report (spin) by working backwords on the potential panic problem.

How many ways can one spell "brainless twits?"

Diane *Big Sigh*

-- Diane J. Squire (, February 20, 1999.

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