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Currently I've only built-in video acceleration, which isn't much or at all. What I'd like to find out how necessary is having a graphics accelerator? I know what I see on the monitor isn't accurate, but some guess work doesn't bother me, however will the video output be directly affected by a lack of video card?

-- Jim K. (, February 23, 1999


If you don't plan on editing your video in the computer, then you have nothing to worry about. But since inputing your video into the computer without editing it would be a total waste of time, I suggest getting a somewhat desent video card. You're video output will not be affected if you are using digital video output (IEE 1934, aka Firewire). However you will see a significant difference when editing your footage in the computer. A video card will smooth out postproduction elements such as added transitions, titles, ect.

-- Chris Penney (, March 16, 1999.

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