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Thanks to some of you for helping me with some information I needed earlier on finding Y2K items. After numerous hours of surfing the net, calling and comparing prices, I finally found this discount store which sells big 55 gallon polythelene, plastic, barrel for only $35. I forgot the price for 30 gallons, around $26? They actually lowered the price when they found a cheaper source! I like honest business people. I am sick of so many jacking up the price because of y2k! The name is Highway to health in CA. Number 650-634-0308. email several people I know have ordered Alpine aire freeze-dried gourmet foods, barrels, and natural antibiotics from them with reliable delivery. One told me it took only 1-2 weeks to get the barrel. I bought a 3 months supply of alpine myself. I compared a lot of foods that are advertized and 90% are dehydrated, which means you have to cook. Adisaster preparedness expert and friend told me if there is prolonged outage, forget about cooking. Most people are already depressed. If forced to relocate because of riot, I don't want to carry heavy canned goods. That's my opinion, at least. I am researching a safer alternative fuelsWhen done will give you a report.

-- Raymond Kwong (, February 23, 1999


You don't need expensive dehydrated food to survive! Period! I'm a high school graduate, studied health and home economics from the 7th grade to the 12th grade, and can tell you right now, you are being ripped off buying dehydrated food! However, if that's the best you can do and it's all done for you and you have the bucks to do it, well more power to you. But when you spend $1500 on dehydrated food, I can get triple that amount on $1500. All it takes is planning and time, and you don't need a college education to do it.

-- OneSmartMom (, February 23, 1999.

This is a better deal: 200 gallon bag for $89.00.

The 20mil. thick bags hold 200 gallons and are made of food grade vinyl. Approved for storage of potable drinking water per FDA Title 21 of the Federal Regulationsholds. 200 gallons of water when full, but weighs a mere 10 pounds when shipped or empty.

$35/55gal.=64 cents/gallon

$89/200=44.5 cents/gallon

-- Tom Carey (, February 24, 1999.

I have a food storage business myself. I sell 55 gallon water barrels for $26.00 on bulk orders of 250 barrels, and $32.00 for orders of 24 or more barrels. I sell bulk food and will soon be able to sell Alpine Aire/Gourmet Reserves soon. My web site is Hope this helps a little. It has always been my goal to supply excellant quality at a low price.

-- Lisa M. Fereday (, November 01, 1999.

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