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Have been thinking in terms of a camper for housing. Also thinking about generators- seems as if propane fuel is the most stable. Lots of RVs use propane generators. Say in the 2500W range. Can anyone provide any info or links?


-- Y. F. Name (, February 25, 1999


Y.F. The mentioned 2500 watt generator is small and usually powered by gasoline in RV's . The propane one's are normally in larger RV's like the American Eagle or Holiday Rambler AlumiLine. Ususally 33' or larger. But to answer your question, the ONAN Generators are propane run in the 6500 watt size. I know that they are priced at $5,000 new in the crate. Unless you find an RV with a propane gen. They do burn cleaner than gas and don't smoke like diesel gens when starting up or under a load. The 2500 watt gen will be small but enough to run a Class C RV if you plan to live in it. It will be able to operate your Refer,lights thru the converter( which is 12 volt ) and could run a small 600 watt microwave oven. The RV will have the right size generator in it to operate that kind of RV. The only problem I see you having is breaking camp to go and fill the tank under the RV after about 3-4 weeks of use. Unless you rig up an extra tank w/the generator, But be sure what your doing !!!!! Find an RV tech at a local center that knows Generators ask him. He might even know of where there is one all by it's self w/o the RV attached. I used to be an RV tech so I am familiar withwhat you want to do. Check out ONAN's web page it could help you. Good luck with your search....


-- Furie (, February 25, 1999.

Uh, I don't think so Furie.

I just bought a 4KW Onan "Emerald" propane generator about 2 months ago. It lists for $2700. Nice little package. It's the smallest wattage they have, I believe.

As far as what the "Bigger" RV's have in them - they have Diesel. The SMALLER RV's run the propane generators. RV's such as Southwind, Pace Arrow, Bounder, Winnebago, etc. use these.

I suggest you avoid any propane generator based on a Honda engine, though. They don't hold up very well.

Conversion kits are available to modify many gasoline engines over to propane. I suggest you avoid these too, unless the engine manufacturer specifically says they approve of propane.

Propane has different characteristics than gasoline as far as combustion, lubrication, and temperature. That is why some engines won't last very long.


-- Jollyprez (, February 25, 1999.

Jolly; I was thinking of the 6500 watt propane one I have as to the cost of $5,000 new. yes there are smaller one's but Y.F. was looking for a small 2500 watt one working on Propane. I think it's too small for what he wants to do. How many RV's have you worked on ,sounds like an Old RV tech to me. Furie...

-- Furie (, February 25, 1999.

This fascination with electricity to power a microwave??? By an inefficient means at that!

Run the fridge off of propane. Cook with propane. Forget the microwave! If you need a small amount of electricity then get some solar cells for the roof! Use the space that would have been taken up by the generator for food!


-- LM (, February 25, 1999.

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