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USA Today has a good article that goes over both the CIA's predictions and the Senate report, no mention of Koskinen's or Clinton's ridiculous claims on this one.

CIA predicts Y2K problems abroad

-- Chris (, February 25, 1999


Oooh thanks Chris, I think I'll print that one for hard-headed hubby.

-- Chris (, February 25, 1999.

It's refreshing to see some real reporting on Y2K issues by USA Today. This is the same USA Today that has printed many stories during the past month that criticized Y2K concerns and preparation.

-- Kevin (, February 25, 1999.

Chris, are you talking to yourself? :-)

-- Gayla Dunbar (, February 25, 1999.

Chris, why don't you print that one for hard-headed hubby?

-- De (, February 25, 1999.

Yes Gayla, I've been talking to myself when trying to educate hubby on Y2K. (This here though, was a sneaky way of putting my thread on the "New Answer" list for you new-thread-snobs ;-))

Well I did print it, and he did read it. I've had the most emotional reaction from him with this article in a year. His reaction when he fisnished reading was "Well, that's not reassuring." With a funny look that meant "I guess you got me on that one."

I let it stew in his head until after we were done dinner, about an hour had passed. Out of the blue he proposed I order one cord of nice split oak wood tomorrow "from that guy" I had told him about 2 months ago. (The cord we got from this other guy was junk) to beat "the rush" for next winter. I told him I'd order 4 cords. The fight started then, he said I was crazy, that we didn't need 4 cords...blah blah blah. You know the rest ;-)

Well, it's a step...I'll get my 4 cords ;-)

-- Chris (, February 25, 1999.

Chris, chris, Chris;;;;; Incrementalism Incrementalism!!! He sez 1 cord you say 2. NOT 4 ! Heavens lady, are you trying to scare the man? Soon enough you'll have him saying 4, unless you make it a point of testosterone induced honor. Trust me, been where he is and MY other half has been a successful incrementalist manipulator for 25 years, just not on this type of subject.

Chuck, a night driver

-- Chuck, night driver (, February 25, 1999.

i heard some men are afraid to have their cords cut.

-- fly .:. (.@...), February 25, 1999.

Chuck, incrementalism as opposed to bargaining? I thought I'd bargain, like; he sez 1 cord, I say 4 *cross my arms and plant my foot firmly, give him the dagger-eyes-that-means-you-won't-get-none-for-a-month-at-least.*

Or your incrementalism as in; *smile and give him syrupy fluttering eyes* "How about 2 cords then honey? hmmmm? I'll stack the wood myself...whad'ya say?* then order the wood and when it comes say "oops, I guess the fax order I sent went through the first time, I thought I had a communication error and refaxed it..." Voila! 4 cords.

Kewl...thanks for the tip Chuck ;-)

-- Chris (, February 26, 1999.

Got this eMail from Michael Dowd, will post it here.
Looks like it was written by Larry Shook.
Y'all will see it here first; this will be carried nationally as it is part of Portland's Y2K efforts -- so far the boldest city strategies in the world.


Dear Folks:

The lead front page story in this morning's USA TODAY 2/25/99 echoes the grave warnings of Y2K's dangers recently sounded by Senators Robert Bennett and Christopher Dodd. The story summarizes significant international challenges and ends this way:

"A separate, special Senate committee on the Y2K problem is finishing a draft report that says the United States is likely to experience some disruptions in health care, electric power and food distribution."

While every aspect of Y2K's challenge is serious, food is unique and deserves special attention because of the long production time involved. Again, I urge us to think of Y2K's food uncertainties as though we were floating a river and heard an ominous roar up ahead. Do rapids or a great waterfall await us? We don't want to wait until we're past the takeout point to find out. In this case, the takeout point is fast approachingit's this spring.

This nation MUST, IMMEDIATELY, mobilize a national Y2K food emergency plan.

This plan should:

1. Inventory America's entire food store, plan emergency food distribution as a cushion against Y2K food disruptions, and announce this initiative to the public without delay in order to curb panic. It's time for America's leaders to stop scolding the public for worrying and instead take decisive, responsible steps that make worry unnecessary.

2. Launch a massive "Restoration Agriculture" effort that will enable America's cities and towns to once again feed themselves with food grown locally by a revitalized small farm sector. Presently, America's ability to feed itself is dependent on the vagaries of the global economy, a fragile technological system that makes Rube Goldberg contraptions look robust by comparison, and a handful of agribusiness giants. This represents an untenable compromise of America's national security, surely a departure from the self reliance envisioned by the nation's founders.
Steve Moore, director of The Center for Sustainable Living at Pennsylvania's Wilson College, says the food security of American cities could be restored in three years with a concerted effort. (He notes Havana, Cuba just accomplished this in about two years.) Mr. Moore pledges his organization to assist in this effort. He may be reached at (717) 264-4141, ext. 3247, Andy Fisher, coordinator of the National Food Security Coalition, agrees with Mr. Moore and similarly pledges the help of his organization. Mr. Fisher may be reached at (310) 822-5410,

3. Launch a massive Y2K Victory Garden effort in America's backyards and public spaces similar to the Victory Gardens of World War Two. We should aim for a historic home garden planting this spring, followed by a historic harvest of foods and seeds next fall. (If we see lawns being turned under we'll know we're succeeding; be sure they haven't had poisonous chemicals put on them, however.)

These efforts will be outlined in the forthcoming "All Together Now!" Y2K national community preparedness workbook scheduled to be piloted by Portland, Oregon in April. However, April is too long to wait to take these important steps. By acting now we will accomplish three things.

1. We can help indemnify our families, communities and nation against Y2K's threat.

2. We will help calm nervous citizens by taking prudent, responsible proactive steps.

3. We will honor the legacy of this great nationa gift purchased with the blood and sacrifice of our ancestorsby restoring the resilience that we surely never meant to lose.

If this approach makes sense to you, forward this message to others, including the media, ask your elected officials to support it, act on it personally by planting a few seeds yourself this spring and buying from local food growers as much as you can. If you can, grow and buy a little extra food to help neighbors who might need assistance; work with your local food banks, churches and other organizations to coordinate this effort.

This should be America's finest hour. Let's see that it is ALL TOGETHER NOW!.

Godspeed, Larry Shook

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, February 26, 1999.

Leska, this is great! I would like to forward this e-mail to, my state's y2k committee, if I could validate the e-mail. Who's Larry Shook again? Name sounds familiar but can't remember where I heard it...Could you put me in touch with Michael Dowd?

-- Chris (, February 26, 1999.

Chris, ya just go ahead and order four cords and when it arrives, IF he notices, you say, it was a better deal to get four than one, vacuous smile, blink, blink, aren't I clever, huh. Ya have to give him a hook to hang his testosterone on. He's beginning to see that you're right and he's wrong but he can't admit it--it's against the law. Easy for me to say, Sweetie is exactly on my wavelength. (Just last night: "Little Prickly Pear, are we all right for shotgun shells or should I get a couple more boxes?" Reply: "Sweetie, you can never be too thin or have too many shotgun shells.")

-- Old Git (, February 26, 1999.

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