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Anyone knowledgeable about this?

Is the gov forming their own internet? I admit I don't know much about this. Anyone with knowledge, please post.

Thanks, Bobbi

-- Bobbi (, February 26, 1999


Bobbi, This response is off-topic, but I wanted to make sure you got it. In my thread below your response suggested starting a new newsgroup as a back-up site in case the Yourdon forum crashes, that way we could avoid some of the unpleasant aspects of csy2k. Would you be willing to set one up for us? Please reference the thread below regarding forum names. (I suggest leaving the Yourdon name out of the newsgroup title just to make sure that everything is legal and that we don't interfere with the Yourdons in any way.)

-- Puddintame (, February 26, 1999.

Yes they are. I think it is due to the popularity of the internet. Do research and find out how/why the internet was started anyway. It is needed.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), February 26, 1999.

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