Wire a Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 ton switcher for DCC

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I would like to install DCC in a Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 ton Diesel switcher, model # 80024. Has anyone done this? 1. I measured, and the Digitrax DZ120 would fit 2. Never having done a DCC installation I am not 100% sure of procedure. 3. any hints or specific instrcuctions would be appreciated. Thanks, Lenny

-- Lenny Lipton (xenetia@concentric.net), February 27, 1999


Response to wire a Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 ton switcher for DCC

Lenny--in my DCC Update series in Model Railroading magazine I showed how to do this. It would have been the Aug, Sept or Oct issue in 1997. Also in the current (Feb 99) issue I tell how to install a Lenz SD60 N-scale decoder. I now suggest using the Digitrax version since it has FX lights and you can install a beacon etc, and it has instructions for replacing the LED's with bulbs. I'll cover that installation in the May 99 issue.

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@email.msn.com), February 28, 1999.

I attempted to install the Digitrax DN121 decoder in my older 44 ton loco. This was very first run of this engine so it is quite old. It ran fine for about 20 minutes the decoder released the magic smoke, there were actually burn holes in the decoder. The dealer is guessing that when the engine starts out there is a brief moment where the stall currnet reaches 2 amps, far exceeding the 1 amp rating of the DN121 decoder. Any other ideas?

-- Bill Moede (bmoede@tds.net), March 03, 2002.

Hi Lenny.

I have a Bachmann 44 tonner and I want to install DCC. I am going to rely on the advice as written in Model Railroader (Jan 2000 or Jan 2001 issue). It is an article solely addressing installing DCC in the 44 tonner. You have to be careful because the Bachmann has two motors! The article will tell you waht decoder works well. I'd quote more but I am not at my home as I write this.

-- Doug Fraser (dfraser1951@rogers.com), March 21, 2002.

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