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My 30 year old daughter and I went to Costco on a weekday morning recently. A no nonsence person, she intended to do her Preparations. So she got one of those flat carts and proceeded to fill it up. Paper products, peanut butter, 2 dry milks etc. As the grannie in charge of the baby stroller, I was invisible, so I could watch the other customers. Some people ignored her, but many others stared! Openly. As she worked down the aisles, the clerks manning the sample tables turned to look. In the parking lot, as she was loading the truck, folks did doubletakes. I remember last summer, my husband and I would go to Costco and stock up bigtime, because we had a lot of houseguests, and nobody paid any attention to us. But this time, it was almost as if they were thinking, "yeah, I guess I gotta do that, too."

Are the sheeple catching on?

Mary P .

-- Mary P. (, February 27, 1999


I spent most of an afternoon at Costco recently and observed that very few folks had "Y2K looking" carts. Two out of dozens. I was walking around almost taking score mentally - "She gets it, he doesn't" kind of thing. One of the two was looking at our cart while we were looking at hers - our eyes met, and we smiled at each other. On the way home I was thinking that if this is any indication of the lack of general preparedness of that areas community, then they are in trouble. There was plenty of everything, including well priced gen sets and canned goods.

-- Rob Michaels (, February 27, 1999.

I waited several weeks for my regular grocery store to get canned hams in stock, and when they did they were the kind that need to be refrigerated. Why would anyone want a canned ham that needs to be refrigerated?? When I explained to the storeperson that I wanted a "CANNED" canned ham in case of an extended power outage he said "can I come over to your house?" !!

-- @ (@@@.@), February 27, 1999.

Dear @: WALMART! Walmart carries those canned hams that last for ages! They feed 6-8 people--I bought several of them and plan to go back for some more...think barter.....

-- bardou (, February 28, 1999.

Bardou..thanks for info on ham....Could you tell us po folk..what brand?

The one that beats on Charon, demands to know! Quiick, I am beginning to like it.

-- Charon (, February 28, 1999.

Charon: I don't know what brand name (they are stored away). But they are located where the other canned meat items are. I felt they were a good deal and a lot can be done to extend a meal with those hams. Next time I go to WalMart, I'll check out the name. Also, if you are near a WinCo (formerly Waremart), they have whole canned chickens for $3.32 each. They weigh 3 lbs. 2 oz. and will feed 4 people. You cannot purchase a chicken, bring it home, can it and store away for that price! They are really good and you can prepare many dishes with these chickens. The can reads "Chicken Ready, One Whole Chicken without giblets, packed in broth. It is distributed by Atlapac Trading Co., Los Angeles, CA 90040, Product of USA. They are fully cooked. There's even a chicken and dumpling recipe on the can. My parents use to take them camping when I was a child and I hadn't seen them in years!

-- bardou (, February 28, 1999.

Bardou......Wow..thanks for the quick reply.....She is still yanking my tail...but ever more gently...ahhh

-- Charon (, February 28, 1999.

I was at Costco on Friday afternoon. Saw a woman in her late 70s (my Mom's age) trying to reach up to get a 12 count package of M&C. I reached it for her. She thought that maybe 12 was too many to get at once. I said she could always store it in her pantry (testing the waters...). She replied, "for Y2K?" I said -- "you'd better believe it! At least you'll know you can eat M&C!" I definitely think she was clued in to things. She and her husband had a small amount in their cart, but all of it was canned goods...

-- Libby Alexander (, February 28, 1999.

Just got back from Sam's an hour ago. Lot's of stuff available. Interesting, that they have moved one load of TP in 24 roll size bundles to the front by the registers. Kinda like POP (point-of- purchase) items.

Also, saw only one other couple stocking up. We always get a "flat car", but these folks (older) simply had two big baskets. They stoped and asked us about the large 5 gallon laundry detergent (we had two). I said it might be good to have extra, nowadays, just in case. They didn't pick up on my meaning, so I don't know if they were GI's or not.

As for the canned hams - we got DAK brand. Only seem to be available around Christmas, though.

-- Lon Frank (, February 28, 1999.

Canned hams at WalMart are packaged by Hormel. They had about 10 cans and were $3.88 each. Since today was the first, the place was packed with shoppers. Several people had TP, Coleman fuel, lamp oil, liquid soap. Walked by the rifle counter and there were several empty spaces, there were guns in them last week. My sister bought a Marlin 22 LR at Big 5 Sporting Goods. They had to order hers because they were all sold out and the clerk said they can't keep hardly any 12 gauges and the gun she ordered in stock. People are buying them up fast.......

-- bardou (, March 01, 1999.

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