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Was looking for a kerosene heater for in-laws today, both Lowes and Home Depot were out of stock, with no more ordered til fall. Or so I was told. Wonder if this is just because it is spring stock up time or because they are selling more than they normally do. Regardless, people who do not have an alternate heat source and wait until fall to try to locate it may have trouble finding them. Anyone have a similar experience locating heaters of this type? JSJ visit our factual y2k community site for Weirton, WV and surrounding areas at:

-- jsj (, March 01, 1999


JSJ, Lowe's and Home Depot in Raleigh have enough kerosene heaters to warm up the Twinkie Dome. I understand that some areas have outlawed kerosene heaters for safety reasons. You might also want to consider investing in a vent-free propane heater also available at Lowe's for about $150. I think a 100 lb. propane tank is about $70.

-- Puddintame (, March 01, 1999.


I have spent the past two days trying to find a kerosine heater. AAAAAAAARRRRRGG!!!!!!! Do you feel my pain? Yesterday, I bought the last Kero Sun at a local Hardware store, got it was damaged. AAAAAARRRRRGGGG!! BTW same for propane heaters. Out of stock, try next Fall. Oh yah, Fall stock comes in, in July, so maybe. I can't rest, waiting that long for maybe. Tomorrow, the search goes on.

-- Deborah (, March 01, 1999.

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