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Lobo,you mentioned canning flour in the Encyclopedia of Country Living. I have hunted for that information and can't find it. Could you direct me to the page number please?

-- Leslie (wondering@thetiming.com), March 03, 1999


Why can't you just pour white flour into a one-gallon paint can with an O2 absorber and hammer it shut? I'm not telling, I'm asking. That was my plan.

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), March 03, 1999.

Puddintame, you can.

Remember, milled flour will never last as long as wheat, no matter what you do to it, but you can make it last a lot longer than it does in those bags from the store. You're on the right track,

-- De (dealton@concentric.net), March 03, 1999.

Puddintame, I don't think paint cans are a good idea; aren't there a lot of toxic things in paint? How would you be sure that you got rid of them all? But the basic idea will certainly work for at least some time. I already have used white flour (not specially kept) that was over a year old. The nutrition of white flour is not all that great, but it keeps very well.

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), March 03, 1999.

Tricia, Just to make it clear, the home centers here (Raleigh) sell new empty metal cans which are enamel coated on the inside. I think most everybody knew what I was talking about, but for the newbies, rest assured that I was not planning to use an old paint can for food storage. The last time I looked there were plenty of those cans for sale at about $2.25 each.

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), March 03, 1999.

Oops (blushing)! I couldn't really believe that anyone here was that dumb ('cept me, of course).

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), March 03, 1999.

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