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Does anyone remember canned bacon? Has anyone seen this product lately? I have seen a new bacon product on the grocery shelf. It does not require refrigeration. It is pretty pricey $2.59 to $2.99. But the good ole fashion bacon in the can is what I am looking for.

-- Lyn Truss (, March 04, 1999


I did a full search among the distributors of canned hams and bacon. None of them are bringing bacon into the lower 48. It is still being sold in Alaska. A friend came down from Fairbanks for the winter and she brought us two cases. Will do the same this year. The brand going into Alaska is CELEBRITY of Celebrity Foods, Elizabeth, NJ 07206. They have no email that I could find, information doesn't list a telephone and they don't answer letters. They do bring into the lower 48 small canned hams and a Spam like product which is far superior to Spam. I have gotten it at Eckard Drugs on occassion. The ham is the best too, I believe. If anyone lives in the area of Elizabeth, NJ maybe you could run this company down for the rest of us and find out where we can order. The meat products are from Hungary.

Got cornbread?

-- taz (, March 04, 1999.

Lyn, go to There are posts there telling you how to can your own bacon. :-)

-- Flagirl (, March 04, 1999.

Hi Lyn, We have been canning all our own meat. The freezer is nearly empty now, but the shelves are full of meat that I won't have to cook, or even heat for that matter. It is seasoned already and we have already enjoyed a couple of qts. just to make sure of amounts. If you are in to canning: Into a quart jar add - 1/4 of a small onion (chunk) 1 tsp salt garlic (opt.) meat cut in bite size chunks (pork, beef, lamb, venison, etc.)

fill to 1" of the top and add water to 1/2" of the top of the jar. Put on the lid and ring. In a 21 qt. pressure canner bring the pressure to 10 lbs. (must be adjusted over 1000' altitude) and process for 90 minutes.

I also cook chicken, debone it and process it. I also put up spaghetti sauce, chili and stew/soup . . . in fact, anything we want to have ready to eat.

Saves a lot of money and worry.

-- linda (, March 04, 1999.

Linda .. Thanks for that info on canning meat. Wanted to can my beef stew and chicken stew. Read a little way back in the threads that putting tomatoes ( acid ) in with meat causes problems with bacteria that like acid enviornment. Any further info ?? Ever tried it ?? I always trust someone who has actually done what they are writing about; not just selling a cookbook (AND, of course, survived eating it too !!! ) .... Eagle ... in the nest !

-- Harold Walker (, March 04, 1999.

Hi Harold,

I don't think I would put tomatoes in anything I wanted to store for more than a year (in a cool dry place). I have put up both chili and spaghetti sauce which both have tomatoes, but it always gets used up within the year. Remember to process anything with even a little meat for the full 90 minutes.

If you want to have tomatoe in your soups and stews, etc, you can always store dried tomatoes and put them in later. That would be much safer. I always have bottled tomatoes on the shelf and have never had trouble with them, but I don't know that I would trust mixing them for long term.

-- linda (, March 04, 1999.

My USDA based canning books say 1 inch headroom for meats and other dense foods, and I get failures if I cheat on that.

I would also bring any canned food up to a boil....and meat should be boiled for 20 destroy any chance of botulism. With meats, you are not losing the protein by the extra cooking. The vegetables probably have most of the good vitamens cooked out of them by the canning process, but are good for taste, flavor, and carbohydrates and minerals. Be careful with this canning is great if you do it right, and are scrupulous with cleanliness.

Besides....home canned food is not going to be confiscated!

Mary P.

-- Mary P. (, March 04, 1999.

I've only had one failure and that was because of a defective lid. If the USDA says to leave an inch, I guess I'll try it. Half an inch isn't going to make or break my food storage :) Of course it's always wise to cook anything that has been home canned before eating it. But if that is not possible, and the seal is still good, at least the food is pre-cooked and not raw.

-- linda (, March 05, 1999.

I was just doing some spring cleaning and ran across a can of Celebrity brand Sliced Canned Bacon in my pantry. That got me to thinking about stocking up for Y2K. This product would be perfect for that. I think this can I found must be at least 2-3 years old and it's slightly rusty. I don't think we'll try to eat it. We used to buy it at K-mart in Waco, TX and use it for camping trips. It was delicious. I'm going to check with K-Mart and see if they still sell it, and if not, try to find out how we can convince them to get some in on special or something. I'll keep you posted.

-- Amy Bagley (, May 08, 1999.

The CELEBRITY brand canned bacon was imported from Cherynobyl ,Poland. Delicious. CELEBRITY parent company is ATALANTA Corporation ;and, they do have a website

-- Jerome D. Roehl (, October 17, 1999.

the canned bacon that i remember was from denmark. sorry i don't remember the brand name. larry.

-- larry j. smith (, September 17, 2000.

I've been searching myself. Currently in Iraq and looking to do some cooking of my own rather than eating at the mess hall every day.

I was looking for Clebrity canned bacon that I used to get from K- Mart in NJ.

Here's what I found:

Celebrity Foods 1 Atalanta Plz., Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206 phone number: 908-351-8000, fax: 908-351-1844

-- Bill_H (, February 11, 2005.

And here's a picture of the canned bacon from the Potted Meat!!!-browsemeat.htm

-- Bill_H (, February 11, 2005.

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