looking for a quotation by Ovid

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Hello, my name is Yvonne Ruff and I am a student of japanese studies in Frankfurt. For my master thesis, I am translating some short stories by the Japanese author Mori Tgai. In one of the stories, he refers to a quotation by Ovid: crede mihi, distant mores a carmine nostro vita verecunda est, Musa iocosa mea est Can anybody help me with the exact meaning of these two sentences, and what is more, tell me where the quotation comes from. Thanks in advance! Yvonne

-- Yvonne Ruff (ruff@stud.uni-frankfurt.de), March 04, 1999


The vers you were looking for is

Ovid, Tristia, Book II, Poem 1, Vers 353 f

I hope you still can use it. Jens

-- Jens Koslowsky (gurke@zedat.fu-berlin.de), July 20, 1999.

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