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I've been searching here in Vancouver, for film for this camera, and have yet to find any. If anyone knows where(if at all) I might purchase any, I would be gratefull

-- Brian MacDonald (, March 06, 1999


Brownie Movie Camera II, f/2.7 lens

My father passed away and left us with the Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II 13mm. f/2.7 lens, a Kodak presstape movie slicer No 64 (8mm & 16mm), a Brownie Movie Projector No 188 f/1.6 lumenized lens and a screen to watch the movies. Can you tell me if these items have any value? Is there a web site I can visit for further information? I am sorry there was no film with the camera. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Jimalene Guarino (, December 16, 2000.

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