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A few days back during the "Russian missiles/root cellars" thread, there was an URL to the Oregon Institute of Science & Medicine web site. It was worth the visit and I downloaded several lengthy HTML files. BTW, the Nuclear War Survival Skills book does contain some gems for Y2K, like how-to's for making grain mills.

Now comes the problem, printing the files. For some reason, after the eleventh page of any chapter, the pages come out of the printer blank, except for the page count field. Lots of wasted dead trees when trying to print out forty anf fifty page chapters.

Any help from the HTML enlightened?


-- Wildweasel (, March 06, 1999


Any objection to providing the link?

-- Tom Carey (, March 06, 1999.


The url is the document is about three hundred pages, if they all print out.


-- Wildweasel (, March 07, 1999.

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