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I have found that often when Y2k fixes are implemented in "production" that things do not go smoothly. New bugs are introduced. Data is corrupted, Production outages etc. Anyone have similar experiences. I am concerned that many companies are not implementing "fixed" code as it is completed. When they start moving it into production, all hell could break loose.

-- ho deedo (, March 06, 1999


This is indeed true, but it applies equally well to any 'fixed' code, we should all be aware of the new bugs introduced by any fix (Capers Jones estimates up to 10% of Y2K fixes will introduce a new bug)

Implementing remediated code in a "big Bang" is definitely a risky process, a progressive implementation as partitions (logically related blocks of code) are completed is a much safer approach. One must also bear in mind the difficulty of the change control process, whereby changes made to production code for emergency fixes and enhancements must be retrofitted to the remediated code.

Nevertheless, these issues are common to all program modifications, what makes it more difficult in case of Y2K is the sheer volume of changes which must be managed. What can one say? Be careful!

-- Ron Davis (, March 08, 1999.

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