Has anyone compared salt-powered lantern, Dynalight to Baygen lantern,etc.

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I am trying to research more into the following. Has any of you experienced people compared the following: the new salt & water lantern, the Orient-made solar rechargeable lantern( Sells for around $69.95)using fluorescent,flashlight & blinking lights, the Enland-made powermate Dynalight (1070 lumen 18 watts), & the Baygen self-powered lantern (using a xenon lamp). Any bad experience with any? Which would be the brightest for reading? Or would the Aladdin gives the most light? I wish to avoid using Coleman gas or propane indoor. I am trying to help my neighborhood get ready here. Been shopping for the best price for these lantern. Would appreciate any tips?

-- Ray (Kcorner67@hotmail.com), March 08, 1999


What are salt & water lanterns? Where can I find them?


-- David Binder (dbinder@sympatico.ca), March 08, 1999.

Ray; A few thoughts: Health and hygiene will be essential. Minimize toxins within living space with solar. Recharge daily in south facing window. Consider ancestral pattern of rising at dawn to maximize the use of natural daylight. Good luck with your plans to sustain life and wellbeing.

-- Watchful (seethesea@msn.com), March 08, 1999.

this is from Jade Mtn (www.jademountain.com):


Power for 40-60 hours from 1 cup of table salt Power portable TVs, 12V lights, a CD player, celular phones, radios, scanners, electric games with just water and salt.

An ideal portable and emergency power source - stores indefinitely because there's nothing to break down like dry cell or lead acid batteries.

and produces 400 mA at 10V, 850 mA at 8V.

Replaceable anodes produce over 40 amp hours.

Replacement set of anodes (GN) $14 Please email comments or questions to info@jademountain.


Someone else will have to do the math to figure out the cost factoring in the anodes.

-- Calvin Tropez (CalTrops@ouch.com), March 08, 1999.

Since I posted this thread, I remember reading about the Petromax multi-fuel lantern on this board. Anyone know the thread where I can read up on this lantern? Which is the more reliable models since I heard it's harder to use than Alladin. I think it sells for 134.98 at Nitpack ? (without reflector). Is there a better price somewhere? I read that it is equivalent to 400 watts bulb (500 candlelight). So is this much brighter than Alladin? Would I need to buy the reflector to do reading?

-- Ray Kwong (Kcorner67@hotmail.com), March 09, 1999.


I have in my hand a letter from Aladdin. Apparently a lot of people like Aladdins.

"Thank you for your interest in Aladdin lamps. As you may be aware, there is tremendous concern about Y2K. this has caused a strain on Aladdin's ability to supply lamp products to both our dealers and our customers.

We are, therefore, currently unable to accept any orders (or back- orders) for complete lamps, kerosene burners and/or lamp bowls/bases. We will continue to shop orders for all other replacement parts.

At this time we are indefinite about a time frame for this situation, however, we will continue to ship lamps to out dealers as they become available. ....."

Rest of letter says to contact local hardware dealers or check the web site for Aladdin Knights at www.aladdinknights.org for mailorder companies that may still have lamps in stock.

Wishing I had stock in Aladdin!

-- Valkyrie (anon@please.net), March 09, 1999.

Ray -- re: Petromax,

I don't know a thing about salt lanterns (I assume it's a salt battery powering an electric light).

But the Petromax is a great lantern. I have now tried the Coleman dual-fuel, Aladdin and Petromax. As far as light, nothing comes close to the Petromax -- it outshines my mercury vapor yard light at the same distance (the light cast by the Petromax wash out the shadows of the yard light when both are 40 feet away while the Petromax shadows are clearly visible).

The only problem I have with the Petromax is the pressurizing pump. Most of the time it doesn't work. It's far less reliable (IMO) than a $2.98 bicycle tire pump and the pumps on other lanterns/stoves I have. (It's possible I'm doing something wrong, but I haven't solved the problem yet.)

Contrary to what I've read from other people, the Petromax isn't especially noisy when running, but it's not quite as quiet as the other lanterns.

BTW, I got mine as a package from Diana at Britelyt -- lantern, reflector and fitted carrying bag for $160.

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (dtmiller@nevia.net), March 09, 1999.

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