More valuable than gold. I recently purchased something at the store that cost $1.49 per gram that could possibly be grown at home. It was : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

lettuce seeds. If there are 464 grams in an ounce, this figures out to over $600 per ounce for lettuce seeds. This could be a new Y2k occupation for anyone with the knowledge and patience to raise these seeds. There were numerous other varieties selling for more than $100 per oz. This is amazing considering that wheat can be purchased for 10 cents per pound. A good source of income and preparation for the coming food shortages. Not a bad bet for the future.

-- Steve (, March 14, 1999


sorry steve, but there are only 28.35 grams in an ounce.

-- dave (, March 14, 1999.

Let us cede the correction to dave. :)

-- dinosaur (, March 14, 1999.

Steve ... Don't feel bad. I taught science for twenty years , and it took almost 30 seconds before the right answer came to mind; i.e. there are 454.?? grams in a pound (16 ounces) . I had plenty of children who reached eight grade that told me there were three yards in a foot !!! Eagle ...retired.. with sanity in tact; I think !

-- Harold Walker (, March 14, 1999.


It's only 28.0 grams - you must be including the weight of the baggie.....

-- who, me? (, March 14, 1999.

Steve, I don't know what the price per gram is of seed, but I would think you could do better growing tobacco. The seeds are really tiny (a dozen or more would fit on the head of a pin), and the plants grow to over 6 feet tall yielding quite a bit of usable tobacco.

I grew a few plants last year just for the heck of it. I had seen some in some fields a few years ago and though they were beautiful plants, so I planted some for decorative purposes. I saved the seed, but I think it was a hybrid I planted so no telling what I'll get.

-- Gerald R. Cox (, March 14, 1999.

Mary Jane seeds.

-- weed (, March 14, 1999.

If you don't want to grow hybrid tobacco, stop by a farmers supply store in tobacco country in the spring and buy some of the old seeds. KY 9 and KY 16 were still around and going strong when I got out of the game. Just look at the labels on the package - they let you know in a hurry if the seeds are hybrid - MUCH more expensive. And the hybrid seeds are all from plants that are hand-pollinated, usually by young, female college students in the Lexington to Raleigh area if the advertising brochures were to be believed! Always wondered why they wore such skimpy costumes around a gummy plant like tobacco. ;)

-- Paul Davis (, March 19, 1999.

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