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doofus i am, i bought an XL 1 and a Draco Casablanca editing system without the firewire feature on the Casablanca (it wasn't available at the time of purchase). The salesman told me the quality would not be affected when i transferred my video even though my camera is a DV cam and the editing system did not have the firewire capabilities. Is he right or did my ignorance cost me another few bucks I should've spent elsewhere? Does anyone know if the Casablanca is a good system to work with or is it just a gimmick here today gone tomorrow? also, which mike is good to buy to be used as a boom mike for the XL 1 and what components do i need to buy?

-- Charles Yang (, March 15, 1999


the only way the quality will be affected is that once the video is brought into the Casablanca it will be compressed in their scheme, differet than the DV compression, and you won't be able to output back to the DV camera and will have to go to VHS or SVHS etc. SO your video gets compressed again and the final product is a second or third generation copy. If you had the firewire ports the final product would still be first generation.

-- Nate Delage (, April 07, 1999.

Hey Charles, Just shot a feature with my VX-1000 and some footage with a DV-Cam. With both cameras, we use a Sennheiser 416 mike. The Sound quality is just fantastic. This is a list of what we rented for the sound:

1 Sennheiser 416 mike 1 Rycote Medium Windjammer 1 Beach tek Quiet connector ( for the VX-1000 ) 1 9-12' cable fishpole or boom 1 Y cable 1 48 Phantom microphone power supply

I don't how much the whole thing will cost you, because we just rented; But you will definitely get great sound. You might want to test it out. Good Luck!

-- Rommel Hyacinth (, June 18, 1999.

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