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Just heard today direct from the horse's mouth that our local county has entered into preferential arrangments with local supermarkets to have 1st call on all food stocks..presumably to feed the elderly etc in the event of things going pear shaped.Worth checking out with your state co-ordinator ?

-- Chris (, March 18, 1999


Isn't that interesting, as if the elderly will be the only ones left to repopulate the earth, rebuild the infrastructre, and reinforce the military, let's all hear it for the Little ole' Lady From Pasadena, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny Go! (a Beach Boys song).

-- Go GRanny (Go, March 18, 1999.

Gee, you know no one in their right mind would steal or demand food meant for the elderly and infirm...even if their kids were starving. Well...Don't You?

Wonder how many local based National guard will be stationed at your local grocer??

-- Lobo (, March 19, 1999.

None, because they'll all be stripped beforehand! (Grocery workers will strip the shelves). In one supermarket alone there are at least 25 workers at one given time to keep it running. How long do you think it would take 25 eager beavers to strip grocery shelves in two hours of nonperishable goods? And don't say it can't happen!

-- bardou (, March 19, 1999.

Heard last night from absolutely reliable source in authority that grocery store is "obligated" to supply local emergency personnel first and foremost. This will be enforced.

-- nowlurking (for@a.bit), March 19, 1999.

LOOK, If I walk in, in uniform with a Red Cross DO (Disbursing Order) for 2000 hotdogs and the rolls to go with them, in a situation where an emergency has been declared, you better believe I'll walk out with what I asked for. that's the way the declared Emergency system works.


Clues, grips, senses of humor and lives. All on sale at the LIFE STORE. They are cheap. Acquire some!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 19, 1999.

Chuck, How would one go about making a Red Cross uniform? Also, exactly what does a typical disbursing order look like? (Hey, maybe I don't need to stock up!)

-- Puddintame (, March 19, 1999.

Got a sense of humour somewhere:its the dog that is a miserable SOB. Its been impossible to get any information re contingency planning out of almost anyone.I just thought this snippet opened a window & might be useful to others. Lobo,good point.Ordinary people may well be rather angry when they realise what is happening.Its been a long time since we have had that kind of direct interference in mundane things.World War 2??.

We have been trying to emmigrate for the last three years to the Caribbean .Not too many supermarkets but loads of monkeys,fish & coconuts & bananas.Solar heating too.Should have gone last November but Hurricane George put paid to that as it blew down the new mill. Incidentally experts are warning of 4 major hurricanes in the region this coming year.How do they do that ! Many thanks for all your replies.

-- Caribbean dreamer (, March 19, 1999.

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