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Maine Wants to Stockpile for Y2K

(snip) 12:00 p.m. 18.Mar.99.PST WASHINGTON -- If Belinda Gerry has her way -- and Y2K goes terribly wrong -- the Maine government will hand each resident some 200 pounds of rice and beans next year.

The state legislator proposes spending US$50 million to create a mammoth 13-million-cubic-foot food stash that would feed every Maine resident for months.

(/snip) And here is what the 'critics' have to say about this proposed legislation:

(snip) Critics say individuals, not government officials, should be the ones deciding to prepare.

(/snip) I wish the 'critics', DWGI's, would make up their minds. Should we or shouldn't we stock up for whatever comes our way?

On one hand, if we stock up we are labeled extremist, survivalist whacko nut cases. But if conscientious people such as Gerry see that most people are not preparing because our government has made a conscious decision to perpetuate their spin control to avoid public panic at all cost instead of leveling with the public, the 'critics' are quick to say we should take responsibility for ourselves.

Legislator Gerry is obviously worried about the people, and has come up with a plan to feed the helpless sheeple so they won't starve to death. I can't believe the 'critics' say "let them feed themselves". You just can't win with these people. Critics, are you listening? You can't have it both ways! I vote no beans and rice for them! But on the bright side, what this article does show is that there 'are' a few people in high places with a moral sense of right and wrong who have the good sense to understand that their state (our country) could have serious life threatening problems come Jan 1, 2000. And she is trying to do something about it. Too bad we don't have more people like her. I wish my state would come up with a plan. Any plan! Just so I would know they are at least 'aware' that things could go wrong and people's lives could very well depend on them.

The good new is the Governor of Maine agrees with the plan.


If Gerry prevails, the governor says he'll be ready.

Three cheers for the both Gerry and the Gov. Maybe they can set a good example for other states.

-- flb (, March 19, 1999


If you think the governor is a fan of this proposal, you didn't actually read my article.

There's a difference between saying if a law passes you'll comply and agreeing that the law is a good idea.

There's also another thread devoted to this already.

-- Declan McCullagh (, March 19, 1999.


Sorry, guess I somehow missed your earlier thread.

My point is I am glad to see someone taking action to help those who can not or will not help themselves - and they are many.

-- flb (, March 19, 1999.

Where is sufficient storage space available?

-- Watchful (, March 19, 1999.

Go to this site and read about how much it takes to feed a community and how much storage space it takes. Very interesting posting.

-- linda (, March 19, 1999.

Watchful, in the article they suggested storing the food at Lorinig Air Force base. The base is closed and has 9,482 acres of land. I know this is a monumental task and has it's problems, but I would think it can be done. I know too that this is not the answer to everything, but at least it's a start. It is certainly better than nothing. I worry about the people who will not prepare.

Linda, thank you for the link to y2kkitchen. I found it to be very informative, and bookmarked it for reference.

-- flb (, March 19, 1999.

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